5 Minutes with Dominique Falla

Ash Thompson — 9th November 2017

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing typographer, author, designer and typographer Dominique Falla about her work, life as a creative and how disruption contributes to her creative process.

"If you only had about thirty seconds to describe what you do to someone new, what would you say?"

That I make a living from creativity and by inspiring people to make their living from creativity.

"Everyone is talking about 'disruption' right now, when was the last time you were disrupted?"

I feel disrupted every day. My routines and schedules and ways of doing things are regularly disrupted. Life is a constant battle of taking new information on board whilst trying to stay on course.  

"We were always going to ask you a question about brand. If you could recreate any brand in your string art, which would it be?"

I love text-based logos and hand-lettered ones in particular. I’m going to have a crack at the Creative South logo in paper soon, which was lettered by Bob Ewing. 
In terms of a logo I would like to create in string art, Coca Cola would be fun because of the shapes. NBC because of the many colours. Starbucks would be a real challenge, but I’m up for it! 

It needs to be something quite chunky and bold otherwise it wouldn’t work. 

"What software or app is having an impact on your life right now?"

I’m obsessed with my white lines link notebook and app. I write in notebooks and lose them all the time. Photographing the pages straight into Evernote is just such a time saver. 
I also downloaded Eyejack and bought the book of art prints which goes along with it. 
Augmented reality is so exciting to me and the possibilities right now are endless. This is one of the best examples I’ve seen so far of what’s possible with the animation.

"Outfit helps to automate some really arduous and repetitive tasks for marketers and designers. If you could automate any part of your life, what would it be?"

Everything!! I’m systems-focussed. I do so many things day-to-day that without systems and processes I would be lost. I would love my entire life to be on auto-pilot so that I could just sit around in coffee shops writing and creating, knowing that everything else is taken care of.
Maybe I just need an assistant? 
Images sourced from: www.dominiquefalla.com

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