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5 Brand Marketing Trends You Need to Know About in 2022

Tim Brown — 29 April 2022


The world is in a state of rapid evolution like never before. Through serial lockdowns, regulatory changes and major shifts in public sentiments, behaviours and consumer habits, those in the marketing universe have had to pivot and innovate again and again to stay relevant. Because of this, we’ve seen some new brand marketing trends emerge over the last few years. Organisations that are adopting them are already seeing positive transformations in their brand building, marketing and customer engagement. We’ve curated a list of the trends that are making waves in 2022 and beyond.

1. Empathetic brand marketing

Businesses pour a lot of time, effort and money into designing best-practice customer journeys but they often fall short of a genuine empathetic connection. Appealing to the public on a human level is at the core of empathetic brand marketing and helps to bridge the gaps between companies and customers.

However, according to one report, only 30% of marketers demonstrate a high level of empathy in their communications. These marketers are typically more successful in their brand marketing pursuits. And when done meaningfully and authentically, companies that take this approach tend to retain the best talent, generate thriving work environments and have a higher rate of customer loyalty, all of which contribute to better profits.

2. Engaging, purpose-driven content to build brand awareness

A ‘purpose’ is increasingly fundamental to the success of brands as consumers become more conscious of the role that businesses play in society and expect more from them in turn. Whether it’s social, cultural or world issues, brands that clearly demonstrate a purpose beyond making a profit win out in the end. So when you marry purpose with engaging content, you’ll strike gold.

The businesses that are turning heads (and for the right reasons) have pioneered bold, creative and innovative ways to deliver content and communicate with people about relevant issues. This does wonders for brand awareness. Lego, Nike and Dove are good examples of purpose-driven brands who see their customers as more than buyers and this kind of activity catapults these companies to the front of consumers’ minds. The key areas where this is producing incredible results for brands are sustainability, mental health and wellbeing, diversity and social justice. But be warned – people are increasingly wary and clued in to businesses that pay lip service to societal issues (“woke washing”) without backing that up with real action.

3. Experiential brand marketing

In an effort to further facilitate and enhance the customer experience, savvy businesses have built out an experiential brand marketing strategy. This approach is founded on enabling the public to interact with the business through a real, hands-on experience of the brand which improves customer engagement tenfold. The pillars of this key brand marketing trend are personalised engagement with customers, displaying a connection between product and emotion, having positive representatives of the brand and empowering social sharability to allow brand awareness to extend even further.

4. Leveraging data-backed insights

To make your brand more customer-centric you must deeply understand your customers. Data is a source of truth that can help you better engage customers with your business even in turbulent times and that’s why it’s paramount to advance your business capabilities to be more data-driven. That includes having complete and real-time access to data to gain meaningful and actionable insights that increase your brand’s ability to adapt, evolve and innovate. This brand marketing trend will help build stronger brand trust and enable you to gain prominence in your industry.

5. Generating content through automation

Automating branded content is already revolutionising the marketing process for many businesses across the world. The right automation system can help brands streamline workflows to distribute content effectively, provide greater visibility into content reach, optimise approval processes, and help businesses design creative, intuitive and on-brand content at scale and in a fraction of the time. Brand content automation drastically improves efficiency and productivity and for many organisations with much to do and very little time, this innovative solution has proven to pay dividends time and again.

In a global market where public behaviours are never stagnant and ever-changing, it is critical for businesses to position their customers and consumers at the centre of their universe. By adopting these brand marketing trends that put your customers first – via empathetic, human-centric, purposeful, data-driven and innovative methods – your company’s brand marketing efforts will bear (mega) fruit in 2022 and beyond.

Controlling your brand can be an absolute nightmare, that’s why modern marketers are turning to brand automation. But what exactly is it? And how can it improve your ROI while also keeping your brand in check? Download this ebook to find out.

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