Outfit & Aprimo

Stay on-brand from ideation to publication. Send personalised, compliant documents from Outfit for access and distribution in Aprimo.


Empower users to seamlessly contribute collateral made in Outfit to your Aprimo repository for distribution organisation-wide.

Maintain meaningful metadata associated with collateral created in Outfit to ensure that each piece has extensive information required for both ease of search and audit purposes.

The Outfit & Aprimo integration also supports seamless new version creation and updating of already existing documents.

Push, Pull and Plug-in


Once on-brand documents have been created within Outfit, users can customise filename conventions to suit the standards supported within their organisation. Users can also generate new versions of collateral in Outfit and send to Aprimo along with identifying metadata.


As your Aprimo library grows and changes, whether in permissions, folder structures or updates to files, Outfit will automatically reflect those changes. Outfit 'Projects' and Aprimo 'Offers' can be easily linked via settings.

The flexibility of both Aprimo and Outfit means that you can continue to optimise your workflows with further integrations.

Why does consistency matter for consumers?

Brand consistency may not seem like the most inspirational concept for marketers to invest in, but organisations underestimate it at their peril. A consistent, cohesive brand is a powerful tool for consumers and brands.

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Outfit Feature in AdNews Australia

Take a look at the Outfit article featured in AdNews March/April print and digital editions. The focus is around content, scalability and how the Outfit technology has grown to where it is now - a global brand tech solution servicing some of the largest financial institutions, franchises and enterprise organisations in the world. 

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