Marketing production automation for agencies

Easy and efficient production solutions for your clients

Outfit allows you to easily create and iterate upon campaigns through templated production.

Minimise production-related cost

Agency margins are generally pretty thin. Implementing Outfit allows you to do marketing production without needing to grow your design team or outsource when you take on new clients. Your team can focus on award-winning creative and deliver bulk production without the heartache.

Marketing production at scale

The old way of producing campaign assets, mainly digital advertising assets, was to create one document after another. The new way, using Outfit’s multi-edit function, is to develop assets of different sizes at the same time, in the same window, and then export them with the click of a button.

The power of multi-edit

Speed to market

Put your clients’ campaigns in market faster

Test and iterate

Learn quickly, make easy production changes, go again

Eliminate production bottlenecks

Make it easier on your design team by making changes yourself

Faster to market

Your clients hit you with a an emergency campaign, and it needs to be in market tomorrow. Our features including data integration, multi-edit and flexi-templates ensure you can be faster to market and in market more frequently without the effort.

Take the pressure from your design team

Your design team deliver both the beautiful client concepts, final design solution and the churn and burn execution of every piece of collateral. Eliminate bottlenecks within your design team by producing your artwork variations through Outfit, so each piece is on-brand and on-time.

Design without the designer

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