Outfit & Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

Already using AEM for managing your assets and all the compliance requirements that go along with them? By integrating your AEM library with Outfit, you can quickly access your AEM images to use within Outfit templates and export finished collateral back into AEM.


Add a level of brand compliance to your content lifecycle by integrating Outfit and AEM. Embed assets from AEM in Outfit templates, and send completed, compliant documents from Outfit back to AEM. 

Empower your users by enabling them to seamlessly pull a range of image types from their existing AEM repository into the Outfit Asset Library. From here, these assets can be used to populate a range of on-brand collateral in Outfit.

Once collateral has been refreshed and approved in Outfit, they can be exported easily back into AEM for distribution to the wider network.

Push, Pull and Plug-in


No need to change or work around any existing processes developed in AEM. Outfit will display selected AEM folders within the Asset Library to facilitate easy navigation and search. Outfit will also display any relevant metadata specific to your organisation to ensure that users can search for assets using unique identifiers such as ID's and tags.


Once on-brand documents have been created within Outfit using AEM image assets, these final finished pieces of collateral can then be pushed back into AEM for filing and distribution. Pre-define naming conventions and end location so all the team has to do is click a button.


As your AEM library grows and changes, whether in permissions, folder structures or updates to files, Outfit will automatically reflect those changes. You can rest assured that what your users can access in Outfit, is on-brand assets regulated by you.

The flexibility of both AEM and Outfit means that you can continue to optimise your workflows with further integrations.

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