About Us

When the team at NetEngine in Brisbane, Australia invited Red Hat's Global Brand Manager to give a weekly Tech Talk in 2013, they never thought the outcome of that talk would open the door to a three year journey into the world of brand management and the challenges that marketers and brand managers face.

Learn more about the story of Outfit below.

Our Story

PRE 2013

Until Outfit, the status quo of up-scaling marketing production was met with a costly and centralised approach. However, throwing more people at the problem equated to the need for ever-growing budget allocations, costly design licenses and slow turn-around times.

Compound limited budgets with modern businesses moving toward a more decentralised marketing approach, something had to give. Pockets of ad-hoc designers can dilute a brand's visual identity very quickly without consistent brand governance.

JUNE 2013

Andy Fitzsimon, Red Hat's Global Brand Manager at the time, was invited to be involved in a NetEngine tradition, the Friday Tech Talk. After the talk Andy approached NetEngine's founder, Bruce Stronge, with a brand issue.

Andy was finding that as Red Hat was expanding rapidly in the Asia Pacific region, it was increasingly difficult to govern and protect the Red Hat brand. With every new designer, marketer and agency coming on-board the brand was being diluted with external and ad-hoc opinions taking effect.


After months of exposure into Red Hat's brand issue, it become clear that a platform was needed. The problems that they were having was not just an isolated occurrence, but a wide spread issue. This issue would affect almost any business trying to maintain brand equity but also enable marketing teams to take advantage of localised opportunities.

With Red Hat's support, NetEngine focused the efforts of their experienced team to build a simple, yet intelligent marketing production platform, called ne.io.

$ git commit -m 'initial commit'
APRIL 2014

During the next few months, ne.io became less of a 'conceptual idea' and started to take shape. An idea that slowly, but surely, turned into a feature packed brand automation platform.

MAY 2014

And with this first iteration came the need for an identity and after going through many iterations and revisions.

Outfit was finally born.


A year after the initial development of Outfit, it had pivoted and grown rapidly. The platform had more features than ever before, however we knew we were only scratching the surface of Outfit's potential.

MARCH 2015

With a growing list of features and feature requests we had a solid understanding of how people were using Outfit, and what types of marketing tasks they were using it for.

Unfortunately the current platform wasn't capable of fully taking advantage of the opportunity that lay ahead. We made the tough decision to wipe the slate clean and start again to create a purpose built solution....from scratch.

MAY 2015
$ git checkout -b outfit-version-two
JULY 2015

With a simpler, more powerful and focused set of features, Outfit V2 was released to the most active users of V1, including Red Hat.

Ovewhelmingly positive client feedback really cemented the belief that this was the right decision to make.


With V2 expanding rapidly, user engagement at an all time high, the future was looking bright so we made the decision to switch our focus solely on to V2. So we migrated the templates and turned off the servers, permanently.

MARCH 2016

With an ever-growing list of clients like QUT, Monash University, The University of Sydney and 12Round Fitness, our team has grown and evolved, out-growing our office of two years in the process.


Our Board

Bruce Stronge

Managing Director

Tudor Marsden-Huggins

Non-Executive Director

Mark Ferris

Non -Executive Director

Jason Scott

Non-Executive Director

Kristian Kalsing

Advisory Board

Danielle du Toit

Advisory Board

The Team

John Morris

UI Engineer

Beau Hankins

Full-Stack Developer

David Barzilay

Marketing Manager

Ash Thompson

Head of Customer Success

Sergey Aksyutin

Back-End Developer

Anh Nguyen

Full-Stack Developer

James Lee

Head of Template Design

Kayel McCraw

Visual Designer

Buu Le

Full-Stack Developer

Jahl Herapath

Product Designer

Tee Taneka

Branding & Marketing Strategist

Paulo Castro

Full-Stack Developer

Nathan Griffin


Kent McGuire

Business Development Manager